Sunday, 1 February 2015

The world within - Tobacco

In the last weeks I was searching my past, what was right and what was wrong, mistakes and stuff, I learned a lot about myself and noted some things to improve. After looking at my life under magnifying glass I started to think that we really take for granted 90% of the things in our life by looking only at the bigger picture, and we tend to ignore the small details ... details can make life better or at least keep us on the right path.
Out of this experience I decided to look at the details of our surroundings, how things look in detail, how they really look when you don't see the big picture.

I will start today with one of our bad habits: tobacco intoxication aka smoking cigarettes 
For me, usually, a cigarette looks like a paper stuffed with small bits of some brown stuff, makes me "happy", produces smoke and helps joining the social grapevine.

Well, here is how the brown stuff really looks like:

Enjoy your cigarettes now :D

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