About 365 Project

365 was an experiment to see if I can take a picture a day, I am satisfied with the result. I think it was not easy to try to remember every day and to search something new when our life is a huge repetition. We do the same things everyday, we walk the same streets, we take the same bus / tram / train / subway and we tend to keep a routine. The funny thing is that we say that we hate the routine, we even separate from our partners because "is routine" but what we do every day is routine.

All started with high hopes and high dreams on how awesome this will be and how awesome I am by doing this. Later on I discovered that many other photographers are doing this and suddenly I am not so special anymore. I was watching what the others were doing and I got disappointed that I am not able to have epic shots every day. Ok, I am not talking about the guys who are documenting their face, or their view from the balcony, I am talking about guys that have awesome pics in their "365" gallery.
But sometime after 6 months or so I discovered that I am special, please excuse my modesty, but the other guys with awesome pics are not making one every day, they just use their entire work to select best 365 images and post one a day.
Why I am special? Well ... during my 365 I had the last semester project at university, followed by the bachelor project and exam and followed by master admission exam ADD two student jobs not related with photography ADD a dog that needs two walks per day, needs cooked food, and ADD housework (living alone gives a lot of work around the house). Now take all the activities and try to fit also one "take a picture".
Yes, I know, I have received critics from my acquaintances that "some images are from another movie", some are "snapshots", some are "garbage" and "few are ok". So I was beaten up, looking back and saying ... "dude, nothing amazing happened today what the heck was I supposed to photograph today", or "I have no money to go there", or "I am sick today" or "I have no idea and I am not in the mood". But against all odds I managed to take a photo everyday, good or bad, I used the camera and at least I got a snapshot but was no day without pressing the button. I didn't post everyday because some days it was really too much to do around than to download the image and upload it on web. You can say that "dude, takes just 15 minutes!" but those 15 minutes were 15 minutes I didn't have, and so they ended up getting more and more because "15 minutes today are 30 minutes tomorrow" and so on.